Peter's Blog

01 Feb 2015

Vegas Local Coin Show

| Peter

At New Orleans Hotel

Friday the 6 of March at 11, am to 6, pm at night.

Saturday the 7 of March at 10, am to 6, pm at night.

Sunday the 8 0f March at 10, am to 5, pm at night

Thank you ANA Members



Level 6

The coin shows at that venue are the best!


Level 4

Thanks for sharing this information.


Level 4

The show was great the local put on great show. I pick up three Buffalo Nickels Type 1 and Type 2 at great price.


Level 4

Can't make it


Level 5

Can't make it also.


Level 4

It at New Orleans Hotel.


Level 6

Might try to make that one. Our the one in March. That one, March, is at the Riviera., I believe.

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