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11 Aug 2014

An uncatalogued D. Manuel II silver "Half Vintém" (10 Réis)

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This coin weighs only 0.6 gram, and was minted in the reign of D. Manuel I (1495-1521), around the same time that Brazil was discovered by the Portuguese. The denomination is Meio Vintém (Half Vintém), with "vintém" meaning "small twenty", so it's a 10 Réis coin.

What’s interesting in this coin is that its legend is a variation from a catalogued legend:

The reference that is closer to this coin is Alberto Gomes 18.01, +I:EM… in the reverse.

This coin was found in the city of Benfica do Ribaltejo, near the Tejo river. A very interesting coin, indeed.



Level 6

Wow! What a great find!


Level 7

A wonderful find for the coin world. The history about it must be fantastic. Thanks for the photo. Mike


Level 5

Be sure to hold on to such a wonderful piece of history!!!

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