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09 Jan 2022

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Hello All,It has been quite a while since I have been on here so I thought it might be good to do an update.For about a year I worked on completing my Franklin collection. I cannot overstate the knowledge that I gained during that search. My initial intention was to collect all MS63 or better, blast white. It didnt take long to focus on ms65s. After innumerable hours of study and looking a pictures, I discovered that there is a great diversity in coins in any grade. Many had spots, ugly toning, poor strikes etc.Lots to evaluate in every coin! I immediately focused on the blast white coins since I dont know how to price the toned coins and those that arent ugly are ridiculously priced. That left me with ONLY having to look at strikes. As you may know the mint used the same master die from 1948 to 1959 when it was reworked and cleaned up. This caused deterioration in the master die over the years and makes it progressively interesting to find good strikes.I really worked at it but ended up with a circulated and proof collection that I am proud of. Some of these coins are pricier but I am stubborn. The whole experience caused a change in my attitude towards spending for an exceptional coin. That brings to my most recent purchase and the most expensive coin in my collection. I have always wanted a $10 Indian princess. I think it one of the most beautiful coins ever made. The corona virus has meant that I have been travelling less and spending less so I found that I had more money in the bank than I realized. Hello Princess! She is much prettier in person. Next stop a fugio?

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