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21 Aug 2020

Grading Silver Bullion

| s12k3

Hey Guys! Is it worth to get MS 69 silver bullion coins regraded?


In my opinion, any ballon coin is not worth being graded, it isn't a collectible coin for most people, especially not for me.


Level 6

Up to you. Don't listen to any of us. Just our hints. Having said that it would depend on what it is. Everyone here assumes you are talking about a ASE but you don't say that. Is it a coin that has a BIG value as a MS 70? CAC does not do bullion coins so that is out. Personally I wouldn't. But who am I??

Long Beard

Level 5

That would depend largely on when the coin was graded. If from an old original holder around the graders founding, perhaps as standards have changed. However, there are quite a few who cringe at the fact of old "rattlers" being cracked since these are highly collectible in their own right. While a 69 to a 70 is still unlikely, lower grades are not uncommon. And then you have from one grader to another. Again, still unlikely, the chances of it going lower increase. A grade of 69, in my eyes, is still perfect since it requires magnification to tell them apart.


Level 6

I agree with Mokie. Silver bullion is fairly common.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

I wouldn't. Think about it. You paid a premium for that slabbed Eagle. Check out the difference in price for what you paid for that MS69 and compare it to a raw Eagle. I've never bought an Eagle raw that wouldn't have graded at least 64. I just bought a slabbed Eagle because it was from the Philadelphia mint and was authenticated as such but that to me is an exception to the rule. ANA has that offer going, renew and get an Eagle slabbed and signed by one of the ANA presidents. Well that's probably an MS 64, but its listed as Brilliant Uncirculated, because ANA would be spending too much money to have it graded and then offer it in carious MS grades. Can you imagine how upset one would be when yours was only a MS64 and your friend's was a 68? This is also a coin that wouldn't make sense to have regraded. You would probably lose the signature in the process and lose the value you paid to have it regraded. If you are looking to try to get better value on your coin, why not spend that money on the Certified Acceptance Corporation for that added bling value to the coin as a very best of the best of that numerical grade? Personally I wouldn't do that either, but that's just me.

It's Mokie

Level 6

Nope, it's a waste of money. to submit a bullion coin for a regrade.


Level 5

Do you think they will grade MS70? Doubt its worh it to get any bullion graded unless its a 2019-s reverse eagle in less than MS70. Silver Eagles in MS69 probably would not grade up and the risk isnt worth it. Taking a coin out of its holder at high grade levels isnt worth it.


Level 7

That's up to you to decide. We can't tell you what to collect or how to collect it. You have to do some research yourself. There are big difference in the grades.

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