27 Mar 2020

How to id a fake 1943 steel cent

Coins-United States | SALMON

how to identify a fake 1943 copper centfirst, you have to check if its actually copper. Use a magnet, if it is not a 1943 copper cent it will stick to the magnet, if it is actually copper (not saying it's real) it will not stick to the magnet.second, you will have to check for altered dates, and tooling marks. look at the date and mintmark, if the 3 looks wonky and far from the rest of the date its a 1948 cent if it looks tooled with marks around the date, the 3 and the mint mark its fake.third, send it in for grading if it passes these tests, PCGS, and NGC are probably the best for grading a major error and identifying its authenticity.if you have this error you are basically an instant millionaire.stay tuned for the rest of this how-to id series.

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