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28 Oct 2014


Coins-United States | SDJ79

Hello, I am new to the world of numismatists and have already started a small collection, of mostly wheat back pennies, but have some proofs/UNC aswell as some silvers and Indian Heads. I have started to add these coins to my collections on my profile. I have acquired my collections through ebay, so I'm not 100% certain all of my coins are real, especially my key dates like my 1909 VDB wheat backs (I have several) 1908-S Indian Head and some of my pre 1880 Indian Heads. I haven't spent a large sum of money on my collection, as I am new and do not want to invest a large amount of money, until I am comfortable with what I am looking for. I hope being a member of the ANA wil lallow me to get in touch with people who ar eexperienced and can educate me on colllecting coins and currency, as well as maybe assist me on determining if my coins are worth anything. I look forward to continuing to add to my collections.



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Sorry I am un-following you due to no recent activity. Good luck!


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I like and collect the same coins you do! I don't believe counterfeit coins are worth anything. There not legal tender and there not real so I don't understand the logic. Your off to a good start keep it going. Keep reading blogs that's how we learn! Take care!


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Level 5

are you enjoying ANA.


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How has your first year of experience been using the site and gaining insights?


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Welcome to ana. Remember, if you have questions always feels free to ask any of us. Use the ana library too, it costs only postage. Remember the saying: buy the book before the coin; or in this case: borrow and use the book before you buy the coin. Welcome again.


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Welcome to ANA! I am relatively new to ANA, but not coin collecting. I think it is best to get more educated before buying, like you did. I studied the Red Book, did a lot of research online; and now, I am pretty educated and feel comfortable buying more expensive coins.


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Welcome to the website!!


Level 4

Welcome to the great world of numismatics!


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Welcome to the ANA! We are here to educate and help in any way!


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Welcome to the field of numismatics and the ANA. You now have access to a lot of help and advise. Check out the ANA library. They make it very easy to check out books and movies. Like everyone is saying, be very careful on ebay. There are some good sellers but counterfeits are everywhere. Check out the sellers feedback for a good idea of their history. Make sure they are well established and you should be O.K.. As stated, graded coins are the best wat to go on high priced stuff. I can highly reccomend the ANA correspondence courses. Sounds like you are already hooked. Have fun!


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Until you learn how identify counterfeits, I would not buy key-date coins that are not certified. Certified coins are those coins that have been reviewed for their authenticity and grading by a professional numismatist. There are several certification companies that will do this for you, but I personally only recommend two and they are NGC and PCGS. As a member of the ANA, you have direct submission privileges to NGC as a benefit. I suggest that you go to the websites of both PCGS and NGC for more information on their services. Otherwise, when it comes to gold coins or key dates I will ONLY buy previously certified coins, especially if that coin is being offered on E-Bay. I also want to welcome you to a hobby that for me is very enjoyable. Joining the ANA is a big step towards getting the most out of collecting coins.


Level 4

Welcome! A good VDB counterfit is worth about the same as the genuine article. I'm mainly a US silver guy, but I also love error coins and wheaties. Take advantange of the library. They should have a couple of good wheatie books. Also you may want to check out the ANA grading and counterfit detection courses. Enjoy!

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