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08 Nov 2016


| ShriekenGriffon

     Wow! It's been a Month since I posted last but this will be a pretty exciting blog!
      I went nack to the coin shop I wrote about last time on a $25 birthday shopping spree. I found many cool things, but will not be listing them here. However, you can check out the video I made at:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qd0rwZeubOc

      Back to the coin, I was have gotten an interest in old Canadian large cents so when I saw a 1858 Canadian large cent in the 50 cent bin, it caught my eye, I quickly scooped it up. Later , at home when I looked up the grade and value, it came out to a VG-8, but a value of about $75!!!! It made me very excited and now I also have a cool coin for my collection!

I hope you enjoyed and have a nice day!



Level 5

Great find!


Level 6

That's a great find! You never know what you might find in those coin shop baskets! Thanks for sharing it!


Level 4

Wowza!!! Good score on that one!!! Hope you have victories like that a lot more!!! :)


Level 5

Take any victory you can get. Nice find. That is a cool series to collect.


Level 5

Wow! I have been starting to get interested in Canadian and British Copper Coins. Congratulations on your find!


Level 5

I checked your youtube video. It seems you got a very good deal. Thats a good buy.


Level 7

Congratulations on your pick up! Sounds like a good dealer. One who doesn't give you a hard sell. Make you buy something you don't want enjoy it!

Pliny The Elder

Level 5

Great buy! Glad to hear it, too. Thanks for sharing your story, I will look at the YouTube video in a bit.


Level 6

There are bargains at the coin shops. The owners don't have knowledge on everything. Keep up the sharp eye!


Level 5

yep! I told a friend of my dad's at church and he was confused about how people who specialize in coin selling didn't notice the Canadian cent and I tried to explain. I guess it was just too complicated...

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