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06 Oct 2016

Coins Shop Finds

| ShriekenGriffon

Ok, so this is the second part of my coin shop trip that was on October the 4th. This blog, I will talk about the coins I got. I will start with the buffalo nickel. It is a 1930 S buffalo nickel that I didn’t have in the folder I have.  It was a Very Good condition coin and I got it for 85 cents.

            Next, I searched through the 50 cent bin and found many cool coins. I will start with a 1984 Jamaica 25 cent coin. It is slightly larger than a US half dollar and very nice. The obverse has the Jamaican coat of arms while the reverse features a streamer tailed hummingbird sipping from a flower. The denomination is under the bird and it grades Extra Fine.

             Next, are a 1943 Australian penny and a 1947 Australian half penny. The penny is almost the exact size of a half dollar while the half penny is obviously smaller. I really like these because of the large size and that they are copper. Both have a kangaroo on the reverse but it is facing left on the penny and right on the half penny. King George VI is on the obverse and both grade about Fine.

            These next two coins are both from Great Britain. The first is a 1913 half penny with King George V and a few rim dings. It is about Very Good and the reverse has seated Britannia with her spear and trident and also has some scratches. The next one is an 1866 (!) with Queen Victoria this time. The coins grades Poor-1 in my opinion but the queen’s outline is clearly visible. The reverse is hard to see but the date is clearly visible.

            The next one is a 1921 Republic of Colombia 50 centavos in about Fine. It is Lazareto coinage meaning it is more of a medal and therefore doesn’t contain silver like it would have if it wasn’t Lazareto. These coins were used in the leprosaria’s, or leper colonies, in Colombia so disease wouldn’t be spread. Also, these coins were scrubbed to eliminate bacteria and therefore many are worn down and “frazzled.” Now we have a 1915 Cuba coin. It grades around fine and is slightly bigger than a US cent. The coin is 2 centavos. I got this because I saw 3.5 g and 250M and thought it was silver because I knew many Latin American coins showed the amount and fineness of the coin if it had silver.

I will get into the last few coins in another separate blog and will tell you about the prices I paid for them. Later!



Level 4

It is fun to search through the loose coin bins.


Level 5

It sounds like you made some really nice finds. Not to mention the fun you had doing it.


Level 4

nice fines


Level 6

An .85 cent Indian Nickel! Cool...those bargain baskets are fun to look through!


Level 6

I am not sure. I guess $15-20.


Level 6

It is nice to find coins that interest you. I was a able to find a 1897 Snow-1 1897 Indian Cent in the Indian cent bulk tray for a dollar. The Snow -1 has the numeral 1 sticking out of the neck. It is in Good condition, but it was a buy.


Level 5

Sounds good! how much is it worth? also those "junk" bins are good for young people. I only wish they had more buffalo nickels to search through...

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