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07 Oct 2016

Coins Shop Finds part 2

| ShriekenGriffon

*I know the ANA isn't meant for advertising, but I don’t many places to share this and there are quite a bit of people her to see this, and I have a VF Details 1914 D buffalo nickel and wants to see if anyone wants it before I try eBay. If you know anybody guide them to me. I am thinking of a sell price of about $60. It will be listed sometime this weekend or the next*

            Hello people of the ANA! This is Part 2 of my Coin Shop Finds blog. I will be talking about the last few coins left that I did not mention in the first part. If you want to see how these coins look, check out my YouTube channel and the video I made on the coins at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vXDzpO80WWw

            To start off, I have a large bronze foreign coin from New Zealand. The date is 1950 and the denomination is one penny. The obverse features King George the Sixth, which is cooler than Elizabeth the Second, but I don’t care about him except the fact that he signifies older coins. The reverse features a Tui Bird sitting on a branch with flowers and is pretty cool looking. It grades about Very Fine.

            Next on the list is a US nickel sized coin. It has a copper nickel composition and is from the country of Bulgaria. The coin is from 1906, and it has a denomination of 20 stotinki, which made me chuckle a little at the word. The denomination side has a wreath around the edge of the reverse with the date, and the reverse has some words of unknown meaning with the crowned arms which features a lion and a crown. My dad, who loves Eastern Europe, was very excited to see that I bought a coin from that region. Al of the previous mentioned coins cost 50c but I got a discount to 25C each!

            The last coins from the shop that I bought are three Queen Victoria older Canadian Cents. The dates are 1882 H, 1884, and 1888. The ’82 and ’88 are in about Very Good, and the ’84 is in good. Each of these I got for a dollar (there wasn’t a price, but I knew they wouldn’t be too expensive and he probably gave me a discount as well) and each is worth about $2-3.

Overall at the coin shop, I got many interesting, and older, foreign coins, as well as a buffalo nickel for my collection. I hope you enjoyed this blog and Bye!!!



Level 6

Keep looking. Many great finds can be made at coin shops.


Level 4

Thank you for this info and for the link.

Pliny The Elder

Level 5

Great visit to the coin shop. Thanks for letting us tag along.


Level 5

Sounds like some terrific finds.


Level 4

the Canadian coin sound really cool!


Level 4

I agree with mike 100% 1 of the most important rules in this hobby is to collect what you like and not let anyone influence what you buy and what you collect have fun!!!


Level 7

Any pick up you make is a good one. Why? Because it caught your eye and you liked it. That's what this hobby is about. You had fun and now you have your own coins to enjoy. You won't forget those coins.


Level 5

I remember my first coin shop experience! Great blog!


Level 6

Sounds like alot of great finds! Thanks for sharing!

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