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27 May 2022

Massive Slab!

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I bought a roll of ATB quarters about 2 years ago during the pandemic dip, and ever since I've wanted to get one in one of the massive NGC slabs. Grade wasn't really a concern for me seeing as I just wanted to have a huge slab to add to my silver collection, but I lucked out finding a near-perfect Australian Koala in PF69 UCAM for well below market (thanks to the most recent dip). I also was able to scoop up a gold 0.5 gram Kangaroo from the same seller, and although it is very, very small, I am a HUGE fan. I love the detail on such a small coin and it's extremely affordable despite being gold. And just for size reference, that Kangaroo is slightly smaller than a dime, showing just how massive that slab really is.



Level 4

That's a big slab. Nice coins!

Long Beard

Level 5

Love Australian silver. I'm into the Wedge-tailed Eagles, in MS/PF 70 of course (lacking four).

AC coin$

Level 6

Amazing , Woooow ! Beautiful coin love the Australia . Thanks for sharing .


Level 6

Nice pick ups! I too have a couple of those big slabs. At first they are very cool, but it seems as time and space in the safe goes on they get a bit cumbersome... All in all very novel! Good job! ; )


Level 5

This is one of the coolest and cutest coins I've ever seen! I just did a blog on the Australian Koala series. Thanks for sharing!


Level 4

wow that is amazing! great coins!


Level 6

Both very nice coins. I just bought a tiny gold kangaroo myself. Those big slabs are something. Not sure I like them. I also have a couple. Can't comment on the rest of your blogs today. Sorry but I only do 2 per day. I feel that is enough for one day. Just me. Not offering any advice. I will read them and comment later.. Thanks. Nice!

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