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27 Sep 2017

a recent penny bag

| Sir GrantsAlot

The bag my dad got seemed at first it wasn't good because I haden't found very many good coins. I was about to give up but then I found a 1917 wheat cent!
The bag also had some more awesome coins like several other wheaties I found and a plastic coin and a 2009-d that looked like a satin finish but I have never seen a satin finish before. I found some other coins not worth mentioning but I did find a lot of good coins after that 1917!



Level 5

I also have found a 1917!


Level 5

Sounds like you had your own little treasure hunt.


Level 6

Great find! You should be happy with that penny : ) I would be! Keep looking and never give up!

Congratulations and thanks for sharing!


Level 6

Not a bad haul. A lot of people save the pure copper cents in the hope of selling them for the copper weight if the mint stops making cents. I am a big coin roll hunter. I buy them by the box at my bank. Lincoln cents mostly.. It's great fun. Especially when it is cold outside.. Thanks and good luck!


Level 7

Keep looking you never know what you will find. I have been collecting twenty four years and I still enjoy coin rolling. Its fun and you can find anything in them. So keep it up. I have been a member here for three maybe four years and I love coin rolling try it it's fun and when you find something exciting! Mike.


Level 6

I like that good old 1917 cent. Not bad looking for its age.


Level 6

Nice find. Keep enjoying searching.

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

what sort of coins were in this bag

Sir GrantsAlot

Level 3

weatys, a canadian cent, nearly perfect to perfect 1960-1969 and do you think I should of saved the 1970-1981s?

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