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09 Sep 2017

my 1982 'n 1983 nickels

| Sir GrantsAlot

It took many boxes but I finally made a roll of 10 1982-D, 10 1982-P, 10 1983-D and 10 1983-P which you can sell on line for around $30!



Level 5

Sounds like you are having fun and trying hard to find ways to pay for more fun yet to come.


Level 5

Selling sometimes result in a profit and some don't. But every sale results in a lesson to be learned.. Good Luck!


Level 6

Check to see if any are in high grade. 1982 & 1983 usually do not look good.


Level 6

Well good job and good luck selling!


Level 6

You should keep them for awhile for your collection. Enjoy them...you can always sell later. : )


Level 7

That's good but collectors are funny about what they want and collect. Is it eBay? Lots of luck hope you sell them Mike.

Sir GrantsAlot

Level 3

It might be because I found a typo in the 2014 book on a 2009-D nickel so there might be more typos than just 1

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