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10 Sep 2017

My Greatest Finding EVER

| Sir GrantsAlot

Through many boxes (about $1000) of pennies, my greatest finding was  a 1940 chipped planchet  and a cud and the greatest finding was probably the greaser 1971-D half dollar (worth about 10 dollars



Level 5



Level 6

Very cool finds! Keep up the good work!


Level 5

Treasure hunting ... roll hunting ... pocket change ... you just never know what you might find.


Level 4

I keep looking hoping to find that great coin.


Level 6

Finding a special coin while treasure hunting is so rewarding.


Level 6

Mike is right. Cherrypicker's Guide is a great resource. Keep looking!


Level 7

It's probably the best and most fun you can have. I have said it many times. You never know what you will find. Order them for companies and those have already been searched. Stick with the banks you have a hundred percent more of finding something. Lots of continued luck and try different banks. Also you might want to pick up the cherry pickers guide volume one. It tells you all t he errors and shows you were they are. Have fun Mike.

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