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09 Sep 2017

My latest findings

| Sir GrantsAlot

Me and my dad are coin collectors. We look through coins in any denominatoin that we get our coins from the bank. Then we get delicious cookies and then yummy hot chocolate that takes a long time to cool off. Finally we get coins. I like to go to banks with coin counters because I often find coins in them. Recently I found 2 Canadian quarters, 3 pennies, a lucky parlor, and something called a vac token in the coin counters. Speaking of coin counters, one of the banks that has a coin counter sells us all the coins that go in it and we got some quarters, dimes, pennies and half dollars. When I was looking through the dimes, I found a 1940-s mercury dime, some 1982s and 1983s that were perfect and I collect 1982 and 1983s that are in excellent to perfect condition because the mint didn't make 1982 or 1983 mint sets. I also found a 2009 nickel which are rare and I save only because of their low mintage and I found a strange error coin. The pennies weren't as good because I only found a bunch of coppers which I can't afford to collect all of

given their volume. I found several wheat cents which were in about good condition but I don't think I should have kept those. I thought it was neat that I found a Canadian penny

because I rarely find Canadian cents. I've got some penny books (something neat is that I have a 1909 VDB cent in one) so I keep my best cents in it. I think someone cashed in their 1974-now penny book at the bank due to how many perfect pennies I found. My dad was opening quarters and I think the only good coin he found was a Canadian quarter which he generously gave to me. I recently opened nickels and they were way better than normal because I found a 1950-D (the mint only made 2 million of them!), a 1944-s (the rarest of the 1944s are the San Fransisco mint). The chances are you can find only 1 silver nickel in 5 boxes and only 1 1950-D nickel in 10 boxes! The best penny boxes I've ever searched was a tie between a box of straight 2017s and a box with more than a roll of perfect 1962s many 1964-Ds and several rolls of wheat cents. The box with perfect 1962s was so amazing. My dad sat down on the ground with me just to look at the pennies which it is rare for him to do because he perfers half dollars.  This is what you can do coin roll hunting with coins from the bank!



Level 5



Level 4

Mmm... Nice!!


Level 5

An example of having a great time while collecting and hunting for and through coins.


Level 5

Search rolls is lots of fun and yield some good finds. I hope you find some Indianhead cents and Buffalo & Liberty nickel in future rolls. Keep searching & hoping.


Level 6

Good finds! A Mercury dime & a 1950-D nickel? Yes, they do turn up. I found one yrs ago.


Level 6

That's great that you and your Dad share the coin hobby! Sounds like you two have a good time together and are lucky finding good stuff!


Level 6

Sounds like you and your dad have a great system. Keep it up. You will treasure the time spent forever!! Plus you seem to have good luck and some good contacts at the bank!!


Level 7

Excellent blog. It shows your devotion to collecting. Having your Dad is a bonus. That's terrific you two go over coins. It's like my son and me. I have a feeling you will turn out ok. Get some books like the Red Book. It list every coin in America I think every collector has one. It will help you alot. Thanks for the blog and sharing. Keep up the good work. Mike

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