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14 Mar 2018

The Dallas national money show

| Sir GrantsAlot

On 3/7 we got to our hotel in Dallas and dropped our stuff off. We went to the coin show early to set up my sister's display and then went back to the hotel until the next day. The next day, we went to the coin show a little too late to see the opening but I did see the big scissors that they used to cut the ribbons. We came into the room but first mom looked at the displays and we had to follow her. After I looked at all the displays twice, mom hadn't looked at half of them. She spent quite a while reading the displays while my sisters and I waited. We found dad and we did a treasure trivia. We were starting as a family but then we got distracted and went different ways. I went with part of my family and found about half of the answers but then we all got back together and helped each other with the trivia and found the rest of the answers. When we turned in the trivia, they gave my dad a 2017 Red Book which was one per family. They also gave us some homework, an old stock certificate, some dollar coins and a foreign coin. We also smashed some pennys and dimes with a smashing machine. They also told us to guess a bunch of questions on how many thing were in containers. After that, we went in several different directions. I wasn't really looking for anything except for large quantities of wheat cents and good deals. I wasn't looking for dollar bills but then I found fantasy bills that were covered in gold that cost eight dollars. I told my sisters about them. By the end of the day, I decided to buy one of them so I went up to them and looked and had a hard decision. There were $100 bills, $1,000 bills, and $5,000 bills. I decided to get the $100 dollar bills because I rarely get to look at $100 bills. The next day, I found a lot of rolls of wheat cents for $2 per roll. I bought 10 rolls. All the weight off the wheat cents broke my bag but luckily, I had another bag to put my stuff in. At lunch, my dad gave me the new Red Book. The next day, I was low on money. My dad showed me a bargain bin so I bought some steel cents for awesome prices like 10 cents and even a pack of three cents and one of them were a steel cent for 15 cents. After lunch, we came back and at a coin smashing machine, someone helped me make 16 smashed cents and I found some hidden pennies in the machine. The next day, I came to a large booth that sold hobby equipment to see what they had. I found a cent holder and decided that I should put my 1909 VDB cent and buy a 1909-S to put in it to make it look like a 1909 VDB-S (because I can't afford a real one). I went around every station to find a 1909-S. The first station with a 1909-S, they were selling theirs for $50 but it was in terrible condition. I was confused at first because I thought that 1909-S cost only $1 to $2. I looked in my coin book and it said that it was worth $100 in a low condition and $350 in a high condition but the Red Book has ridiculous prices. I went to other stations and only found a couple more which those sellers were selling for $110. One station had a whole box full of 1909 and none of them were 1909-S when I told my mom I would be in a certain area if she needed me, I still found no 1909-S. When my mom came over, I looked in another place and then, another 1909-S but this time, it was $60 but it was in VF-20 condition. This was the best deal I found. The manager told me he was closing down at 1 o'clock and it was 11:45.He offered to sell it to me for $55 since I was a youth and I thanked him and asked him if I could give him a valuable coin and sell it to me for $54 and he said that he would give it to me for $54 anyways. But then mom told me that we were going to the awards ceremony for my sister's display. I told my dad about the penny and he said that I was not allowed to buy penny for $54 so I told him to look it up and he found that the prices were $55 on eBay and that it would take a couple of weeks to find a deal for the condition and for $54. I told him that I could just buy it there instead of searching for a couple of weeks for it on Ebay. Dad agreed that I could buy it but asked if there was anything else in the world I would rather spend $54 on than that penny. I couldn't think of anything else. After the awards ceremony, (my sister didn't win) I went up to the dealer and bought the penny with a fourth of my life savings. My dad helped me open the special case for the penny and I carefully put my penny in and didn't put my 1909 VDB in for good measures and not to lower the condition of my precious penny. After a really good restaurant, we came back to take down my sister's display. I got a huge ribbon flower that was from when the show started. Earlier in the week, we went to the place that the USA makes money (called the Bureau of Printing and Engraving) and watched them make money. We heard someone talking on little phone things. We had a great time learning how they made money and they even had a zoom in thing to show things on dollar bills. We even got to see a whole bunch of stacks of not printed paper. I bought a small safe at the gift shop to keep my money safe. I used my safe to keep my 1909-S safe. I used my golden dollar bill as a bookmark. It worked really well. Everyone at school wanted to see it and hold it so I let them and they would always ask me how I got the and I told them about the Texas coin show . . .


Michael Marotta

Level 4

Thanks for the narrative. You and your family enjoyed something lasting and important together.


Level 6

Wow! It sounds like you and your family had such a great time! You'll remember that for a long time. : ) Your enthusiasm is a welcomed sight!


Level 6

Thanks for the details of the show. What a great family event you all turned it into. You'll be remembering this for years to come. !!


Level 6

And a good time was had by all! You had an eventful show. Wonder how good the WFM would be?


Level 7

Well it sounds like the whole family had a good time. Sorry about your sister that would of been nice if she won. You did ok on the penny and mom did good keeping everyone together. It's fun going back and forth trying to make a deal. It's an education. When a dealer is closing up that's a great time to make a deal he rather leave with money then take that coin to another show. Thanks for taking the time to explain everything. A good job by all. Congratulations on your pick up. Mike.

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