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05 Jul 2020

1980 Proof Set ... Bonus!

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Hello again friends and family,

I'm starting today's blog with the thought that I have previously mentioned in a prior blog that at one time during my military career I served in what a lot folks have termed the "deep state". 1980 was my first duty assignment during this time. Before I accepted this assignment I was notified that I would have to be in country for 90 days before I could bring my dependent over. Since I had just got married, I thought this was a hardship! I now know that it was so that I could obtain off base housing. Talk about a learning curve! In my haste I rented a studio apartment and signed a contract for one year. Needless to say, my wife was NOT impressed! That's ok though, we made it through that year and then rented a 3 story house in the village of Nimy which is right outside of Mons, Belgium. My quality of life with my better half improved after that! Since my unit was a 24/7 outfit, we worked shift work. I really liked the way the shifts were structured. We worked 7 day shifts, 5 evening shifts, 7 midnight shifts and then 5 days off. I didn't get very much time off after our wedding ceremony so on our first anniversary I took her to the city of lights, Paris, France for a week to make up for "lost time".

These coins bring back fond memories of the start of our life together. Their luster and beauty match the nights we spent in Paris.The total mintage for this set was down slightly from the prior year, coming in at 3,554,806. This proof set does have it drawbacks though. Per My Coin Guides Network: "The sets contained the same six coins as the prior year with a face value of $1.91, but the issue price was increased from $9.00 to $10.00." Another slight problem with this set is "However, some sets not stored carefully may exhibit hazy toning over the surfaces of the coins." If you'll notice in the pictures I'm providing, some of the red plastic piece has broken off in my set. I'm not sure if this affects the state of the coins or not, but I guess we'll see! I'm not complaining yet though because like the title says, this set plus the 1981 set were bonus sets. I purchased the 3 sets from Modern Coin Mart and only bought them for the 1979 Proof Set, but received the 1980 and 1981 sets also.

These 3 U.S. Mint Proof Sets will fit nicely into the collection that I'm going to assemble. This almost catches me up on proof sets. I'll be blogging about the 1981 set in my next blog, although I do have the 3 Key Date sets "in the mail"! Until next time, stay safe, HEALTHY, and coronavirus free !

Charlie aka slybluenote



Level 6

Interesting blog! Thanks for sharing. with us.


Level 3

Very nice post.


Level 3

I enjoyed the blog. Sometimes I find myself wanting to or buying a coin because of the date's significance. They can bring nice memories. Glad yours does. Thanks for sharing


Level 6

Well done. Thanks.


Level 7

Good blog interesting. When I came thru Ellis Island they sent my mother home nd she was not sick I cried for months. Shortly after dad got us settled he was called to fight in Korea. I was in my own they found a friend my father gave them the name . They were very nice. My dad was promoted to sergeant. And the people went to a senators office and my dad was sent back. It took two years to get my mom home through an act of Congress . We have all the papers still. I was glad to see my mom but had no love what they did to my family. . I told you the story on 1979 and 1981 set . The 1981 cost more slabed.. I still have to pick it up thanks to you and your blogs I'm gonna do it.That's how we talk in Brooklyn.. Thanks for writing it . This is what blogs do. Thanks.

It's Mokie

Level 6

Charlie, as you know, there are lots of ways to collect coins but you have found one of my favorite, using coins to honor important times in our lives or in the lives of our loved ones. Thanks for sharing another great story. You have a book in you Charlie, or at the very least a fascinating journal.


Level 5

Sounds like you had quite the adventure in 1980 and living overseas.


Level 5

Yes Golfer, all total I served 10 years in Europe out of my 14 years active duty. 6 in Germany, and 4 in Belgium. The other 4 here in the states.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

1980, an important year for me. I got my undergraduate degree in psychology and my class was the centennial graduating class of Bridgewater College. You military career is advancing at this point, I see you have been promoted from specialist to seargent and now you have a few ribbons too!


Level 5

Yes Bama, I made the rank of sergeant twice during my career. Once while I was in artillery then after a break in service I went back into the military as a specialist (I lost a grade due to my separation) and made sergeant again while in the Signal Corps. The ribbons are National Defense, PLDC (Primary Leadership Defense Course) , 2 Good Conduct ribbons, and a unit citation ribbon. I attended the NCO Academy at Bad Toelz, Germany during my first enlistment in artillery, PLDC ribbon, and since I'm a Vietnam era vet, I'm entitled to wear the National Defense ribbon. One Good Conduct ribbon from my enlistment in the artillery, and the one I'm being awarded here is for my service with the Signal Corps. HooAh !

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