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18 Jun 2020

Decisions, decisions

Coins-United States | slybluenote

Hello again family and friends,

As I said in my last post, I finally broke down and obtained the 2012 Silver Proof set. They are VERY nice coins. I know that availability is a driver in the numismatic field. I'm not second guessing my purchase but I still wonder what drove me to want this particular proof set. Is it the fact that there is a mystery surrounding the mint release of this product? Whatever it was that made me want this beautiful set, I'm glad that I made the purchase. I also see from my last post that quite a few of you do collect birth year sets. The decision to collect proof sets still hasn't been made yet, but I'm already considering a bicentennial silver proof set! I may not even make the decision and just collect the sets that I want when I can afford them!

In my last post I also promised to reveal my birth set that I made by selecting each individual coin until I had the set complete. This was a lot of fun, but I'm not sure if my coins would be as nice as a set put together by the U.S. Mint. Someday, I may even attempt to grade them! Needless to say, the pursuit of these 2 sets has hampered my progress on my Kennedy Half dollar collection. I'm 73% done with the Kennedy collection, so I'm making good progress, but there are quite a few that are awaiting slabbing! I also have several other Mint sets. 1961, the wife, 1962, the sister-in-law, 1979, marriage, plus 1980 and 1981 that came with the 1979, and of course the 1999 Philadelphia, Denver, and San Francisco Silver proof sets for my girlfriend (daughter). I also bought the 2010 Silver proof set also that I just bought on a whim. The one that contained the Lincoln cent bicentennial coins. Again, I only bought this set because it was affordable but was pleasantly surprised when I received the set.

In the end, every time I blog about proof sets, I'll just post pictures of the sets I've obtained. As always, stay safe, HEALTHY, and coronavirus free. Charlie aka slybluenote


Long Beard

Level 5

Nice pickup for sure. Me? Still procrastinating on that one. But I should, and will, since I've got the regular proof set.

It's Mokie

Level 6

Hey Charlie, you know you've become a true collector when you are distracted by other coins when attempting to complete your main set. It actually gets worse the longer you collect so prepare for a lot of distraction and a lot of unplanned purchases. Later, Moke


Level 5

Hey Moke, Got a very disappointing email earlier today from the ANA ! Read the complete email and was "bummed out" ! I understand the concept and wouldn't want anything bad to happen to anyone. I can honestly say that the "New Normal" SUCKS ! Talk to ya later. Charlie aka slybluenote


Level 5

Very nice. I like the way you stored the coins and labeled them. Nice to have coins with a personal touch. Always nice to have some proof sets. Keep up the good work.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Very nice presentation, also I liked what you posted about the Four Agreements, that is something very worthy to live up to. Mike


Level 5

Thanks everyone for the kind words and the posts. They are appreciated ! Charlie aka slybluenote


Level 6

Nice set you made up. I can't believe I am a year older than you... keep it up. Remember we are collecting money..


Level 5

LOL Longstrider ! Let's not bring "dirt" into the subject ! :-)) You're right about one thing, which I am also guilty of, which is loosing sight of numismatics when purchasing money ! I'm going to try and remember your sage advice ! Thanks for the post!


Level 4

Beautiful birth year set.


Level 6

Proof Sets are always attractive.


Level 7

They are a nice sets. Thats what the dealers do they buy old sets and fill the books. Some cost as low.as 7.00 when the books.are full they sell them. I did it myself. It's cheeper. But I'm glad your making progress. Enjoy them.

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