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01 Jul 2020

Sisters Du Jour

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As I mentioned in earlier blogs, I obtained a 1961 P/D/Silver proof set and a 1962 P/D/Silver proof set for my coin collection. The 1961 is for my best friend, who I married and the 1962 set is for her sister who is also my friend and family. As LongBeard pointed out in my last blog, and as you see in the pictures, the silver set came from Philadelphia vice San Francisco and this is true for both years. I bought these sets without first looking at the coins, because I think Daniel Malone is an honest dealer. His website can be found athttps://portsmouthcoinshop.com/, which is where I picked these coins up from.

Since I've now started picking up U.S. Mint sets, my research is intensifying to say the least. I've learned that there are key dates just like a regular denomination collection, which is in the mail "as we speak". What I find odd is that the only key date from the 1960's is 1960. There were no earlier key dates listed as you'll note from my 25 June blog. The mintage for the 1961 proof set is3,028,244 , and for the 1962 set is3,218,019 , so they are very close in that regard. Also as I stated in my 25 June blog, I really do think the U.S. Mint makes a good product. The 1961 and 1962 sets are another example of this fact.

These 2 sets represent 2 sisters who are different individuals, but are cut from the same cloth. They are a lot alike although they are not twins. It's why I call them the "Sisters Du Jour"! Until next time, stay safe, HEALTHY, and coronavirus free!



Level 3

These are amazing coins.


Level 5

Thanks again everyone for the encouragement and kind words. Next up is the 1979, and then the 1980 , and then the 1981.


Level 6

Nice coins. I sure miss the Franklin Half buck. Thanks.

It's Mokie

Level 6

Charlie, your family is blessed to have a collector that thinks about his family and buys many things for them. Keep on Truckin, love to hear about your latest acquisitions.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Very nice!


Level 3

You have a lot of great mint and proof sets in your collection. A lot of people take for granted how much value mint and proof sets can grow in value Thanks for sharing!


Level 7

That's great to hear. There great and the coins are in great shape. You have a great set going. Some of these shows well proof sets mint sets from 1964 to the present. When you are them up some are really good prices. At one shot you can have all those proof sets I enjoy your collection. I break mine out at out the in the Dansco albums. . Your doing great keep it up. Also by giving them as gifts your bringing new people to the hobby!! Thanks I enjoyed it.


Level 5

Mint and proof sets make great gifts. Buying a particular year for birthdays or some other event. I plan to purchase some this year as gifts also. Prices are usually good also.

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