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08 Jul 2020

1981 Proof Set...Double Bonus

Coins-United States | slybluenote

This is the last of the "bonus sets". When I ordered the 1979, the 1980 and 1981 sets were included. In 1981 I was thinking about rotating back to the United States from Belgium. General Bernard Rogers had replaced General Haig as SACEUR and would soon be rotating back also. My father-In-law had developed heart problems and was thinking about a 5 way by-pass surgery, so this was a situation that was also on my mind at this time. I had been on leave and found that there was a position opening up in 1982 at Hancock Air Base in N. Syracuse, N.Y. It had been the longest that my best friend had been away from home. My ETS (expiration of time in Service) was also approaching soon and I knew General Maddox who had come from the DIA and asked him to perform the ceremony to reenlist for the position in N.Y. and he agreed to do it.

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