slybluenote's Blog

07 May 2020

Spring Beauty

Coins-United States | slybluenote

Being born and raised in Virginia, I'm partial to 3 seasons; spring, summer, and early fall. I think it's due to being a Scorpio born in November 1954. After the winter comes spring though. Looking at my latest addition to my quarter collection makes me reflect upon years past and think about the beauty of the spring season. Although it's going to be more difficult this year due to situations beyond my control, I will still enjoy watching the bushes and trees start their greening for sure. You know, it's always been the same with me. My first 6 and a half years of life, I was a country boy. Mama would never let me pick the tomatoes, but I could sit in between the rows of potatoes and dig them out of the ground. I could pick the cucumbers, carrots, beans and strawberries when they came in season. The picture in this blog is of me standing by the edge of the garden circa 1959.

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