21 Apr 2020

This is a collection of various years and types of quarters I have acquired over the years. The rolls of quarters in this picture are all bicentennial quarters that my step Dad passed down to me. One of these days I'm going to go through them. He loved and collected ANY bicentennial coins. He passed in 2011 but I just haven't had the heart to actually look them over. Enjoy



Level 5

Have a few rolls of quarters saved up. Bicentennial quarters were certainly popular to save. Great collection.


Level 4

Nice coins!


Level 4

Neat, those are some nice Quarters!


Level 5

Very nice!


Level 5

you should check em for DDO!


Level 5

That my fiend is a sweet stack o quarters! My Day died in early 2004 and I still have a bunch of his coins I haven't gone through. Carefully put away and kept in the original rolls or containers he put em in. If I never get through them, then it will be up to my wife or grandson to do so one day. Great memories and thanks for the photo's. That Gem quarter is awesome!


Level 7

I love coins passed down it brings back memories. I'm going through a bunch of notes and coins from all over the world. Passed down from two woman close to us.


Level 6

Very cool! ; )


Level 4

Very nice collection.


Level 6

Very nice. great wooden display cases. Thanks.


Level 5

Thanks John !

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