U.S. Mint Proof Sets

25 Jun 2020

This is the start of my U.S. Mint Proof Set collection. A scarce 2012 Silver Proof Set.



Level 5

Woah! So many!


Level 6

Way to go Charlie. Thanks.


Level 5

Beautiful sets. Quite an accomplishment to assemble that many. Good work.


Level 5

Wow, that is quite the collection of proof sets! I didn't realize they had 4 cases in the 2009 proof set, but that makes sense because of the 2009 lincoln cent series, the state quarters, and presidental dollars made that year.


Level 5

that is a lot of proof sets!


Level 7

That's a nice spread of coins. Keep goining


Level 6

Wow! You have a great collection! Thanks for sharing it! ; )


Level 5

Thanks Oobie and Bama!


Level 4

Stunning sets! Your collection is beautiful! :)

I. R. Bama

Level 5

You're off to a great start, they are beautiful coins..

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