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25 Oct 2017

1897 Farthing

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Hi Everyone,

I do not do many blogs, but I really could not pass up this opportunity - 

So, I come into work today & one of my co-workers leaves out on our shipping table this banged up coin - I'm like, "hey, what's this?" They say, "I found it in a reject coin tray at the credit union coin return machine" 

Wow, 1897 Farthing - It is banged up, scratched, pocked & pitted - But very cool find - They gave it to me - 

I could not be more appreciative

Just shows, keep your eyes open & keep checking & you will find things that you are looking for or people will & present them to you !! 


Also, I do not know why, but my pics always come out at 90 degrees - wtfreak? - lol


I. R. Bama

Level 5

Great coin find. Even if it's messed up I would treasure it

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

hey at least you can still see the date. that is a pretty great find


Level 4



Level 6

That poor old coin must have quite a history. Wonder where it's been? That's a nice find.


Level 5

From all of the environmental damage it must have been buried for safe keeping at some time in the past. Maybe it was part of a hoard someone stashed? You just never know.


Level 6

Only if the coin could tell you where it has been through its history.


Level 6

Very Cool! That sure doesn't happen everyday! I like the way it looks...all banged up! Can you imagine all the people who handled it and all the places it's been!


Level 4

the thing has traveled for sure


Level 6

Wow!! That's crazy. Good get..Thanks


Level 7

That's a find and a half. Never would I think you could find that any where. Great hang onto it for good luck who knows what you will find next. Thanks Mike.

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