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05 Dec 2015

An Article from September

Coins-United States | SpartaCuse

What do you all think about this article




Level 7

I'm sorry I don't leave his site. I did once and the site I went to was not protected. I know it's not your fault but ill never do it again sorry. Maybe you could write about it. Mike.


Level 4

HTTP means the site is protected.


Level 4

I live close to the border of Canada - i do not cross often - but when i do - i always get stopped when i am returning - i have not done this with any major pm's in my pocket - certainly a FACTA type set up is a bit scary & a serious reduction in privacy - the last 45 years have been financially eventful


Level 5

It sure makes you wonder what is going on. A great conspiracy theory? Attempts to stifle illegal transactions?

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