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27 Mar 2016

Article FRom the G20 Meeting Last month in Shanghai

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Check out this interesting & valuable read I found - http://www.businessinsider.com/secret-meeting-at-g20-to-take-down-dollar-2016-3


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Level 6

All I tell you, doors are never closed for those willing to enter..... Good luck*


Level 4

Thank you the comment everyone - Personally, I view this all as informational - So it all can help us in some way - Thanks again !


Level 6

Interesting article...I have to agree with my fellow Numi's. Everybody just do the best they can.


Level 5

Troubling article for anyone not rich enough to be able to withstand what is being discussed.


Level 6

I agree with Mike. The first picture tells the whole story, doesn't it. We "commoners" don't stand a chance! Thanks for the info.


Level 7

There are plenty of secret meetings at the g20. You don't know what to believe or believe. I know one thing the common man will never know what is said behind closed doors. There are plenty of country's against us and just as many with us. No one is privy to these meeting's that's why they always protest them. To take down the American economy will happen in house. The national debt is out of control. Thanks for the information but this is more politics. The quickest way to lose a friend is to discuss religion and politics. Take care and thanks for the information. Mike

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