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08 Dec 2016

Metal Manipulations

| SpartaCuse

I realize this type of info really isn't about collecting - But I do find it fascinating - very interesting link about Deutsche Bank & its precious metals rigging & manipulations




Level 6

Interesting. Don't hear this on the news.


Level 5

Until the penalties far out way the profits they scam they will continue to do it.


Level 6

I feel as everyone else, so far, seems to feel. What a rigged set-up! Thanks!


Level 7

All the major banks are in on it. If people loose faith in the dollar then precious metals go up and the banks don't want that. One of the major banks this year bought over one hundred million of ounces of silver. No one could explain it. I can it's called protecting there investment. Less silver for us to buy. Just watch the market. If the market is strong metals go down. Market goes bad metals go up. Don't believe me watch the market on t.v. it's been going on for years!


Level 4

I agree Mike - I personally think that this is the tip of the iceberg - More banks will be named & fined in the future & Deutsche Bank is getting a soft penalty for naming names & pointing fingers

If one bank was manipulating precious metal values, it makes me wonder if other banks are doing it and just haven't been caught yet.


Level 4

Yes I would agree with this too - Probably many banks are involved some will be implicated, a few will be "punished" - buy & hold for us as the system breaks down


Level 4

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