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19 Apr 2021

Mint Sealed Brown Eisenhowers

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I recently bought this lot of 8 mint sealed brown Ikes. Five of them are in the two boxes taped together with the shipping label from April 10, 1972. I am going to leave the 5 sealed and untouched because they were the original 5 on that order. As you can see I could not resist opening the unlabeled, yet still sealed box. I plan on storing that 5 pack away for several more years to age like fine coins do. To think, these three have not seen the light of day since they were put in these boxes in '71 or '72. The order was from April of '72. It was so cool to open history.

15 Apr 2021

1936 Buffalo Nickel Proof?

Coins-United States | Struble Numismatics

Greetings fellow collectors, This coin has been bothering me since I acquired it a couple of months ago. It was in a Buffalo basket at a Jewelry/Coin shop in a rather high end area of the state. I bought it along with 2 other buffalos and 3 "V" nickels. This coin stood out above all the rest in the basket. At first glance I thought it was cleaned, and I had a professional dealer look at it as well and he too thought it was cleaned. But something about the way it still cartwheels in the light perfectly on both sides confuses me. Under high magnification, other than being a well circulated coin, I see no clear evidence of polish marks or buildup from polish or other cleaning agents. At best, in this condition, it would probably only grade a 10 but the mintage was only 4,420. so, numismaticly it still has value if it is indeed a proof. Any input would be greatly appreciated.Thank you and Happy Collecting!

12 Apr 2021

1971 S Ike "Peg Leg" and RPM?

Coins-United States | Struble Numismatics

I recently acquired this coin and it was in its original blue package from the mint, still sealed. It is the 40% variety and upon inspection I found these varieties, or so I think.I would love input as to the validity of these and whether or not it is common to have both on one coin.Thank you and Happy Collecting.

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