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31 Dec 2016

APMEX 1oz silver

| Coinfox441

During my 8 months absent, I acquired some interesting things. My favorite was a 1oz APMEX silver bar. If you know what APMEX stands for, congrats. From my experience coin collecting, I have the only one I have seen. If you have heard of Apmex, please let me know. I would be delighted to learn more!



Level 6

Remember the silver art bar craze. Don't see many now.


Level 6

They have already been named. I have bought several coins from them and have had no problems. Even had a couple Summer Seminar classes with some of them. Good people! I think the company pays to send them. Could be wrong on that.


Level 5

Apmex has been a recommended and trusted supplier to many of my friends.


Level 6

I have heard of APMEX. In fact I have purchased products from them. So far a good company to buy from.


Level 7

They have been around. I'm not sure you have the only one. Why would a company make one?


Level 4


Conan Barbarian

Level 5

i am pretty sure it stands for "American Precious Metals Exchange" i have only one silver bar and it is really small, i am not into that type of thing

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