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07 Sep 2015

cool but unfamiliar coin . . .

| Coinfox441

I have a coin that has been very interesting to me. I have had this coin for a very long time and never noticed how much it was worth . . . until about two months ago. I showed this coin to my uncle, and he told me to look it up and that it might be worth something. So, a few days later, I looked it up . . . and it was worth $$$$ :D !!! I was so exited!! That coin is still the most valuable coin in my collection!



Level 5

Can you tell us more about the origin of the coin? Why it was important enough to be memorialized on a coin for all of history?


Level 7

I would like to know what kind of coin this is where it's from and what book did you find it in. I collect British coins first time I've seen this. I'm like logstrider just curious! Mike.


Level 5

that is a wonderful coin and is great that you learned it value!


Level 5

am not sure what that is.


Level 6

Very cool! It looks like its starting to tone a little!


Level 5

Wow. A nice windfall. I have never seen that coin before. Like Longstrider stated it would be nice to know more about the coin from your perspective.


Level 6

What is the history of this coin.? Who minted it and why? Thanks!

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