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01 Jan 2017


| Coinfox441

Recently, I have made 4 posts- and gotten 0 points!!! I am being cheated out of 140 points!!! If anyone knows what is happening, please let me know!                               Happy 2017!



Level 6

Hope you got this resolved. It is fun making points if you don't take it to seriously.


Level 4

very true


Level 5

Points seemed to be a motivational tool early on. There were points and badges and whatever. However, as the blogging tool matured many users would just go after points instead of the real purpose of the tool: discussion, learning, educating, sharing, what is happening in the community, etc.


Level 7

Coin lady you are completely right about the points. I will leave it at that. I have voiced my opinion and I have dropped the topic.

Coinfox441, I had a post that didn't receive points until after I added a few tags. You might try adding tags to the posts you didn't get points for posting.


Level 7

Go to the bottom of you home page. You will see contact us. When it comes up go to web site click on a gentleman named Morgan Perry. There closed today. He will make sure the right party gets your information. It's just a glitch you will get your points I assure you. Never liked them anyway. But do that and you will get help . Mike. I hope I have helped any questions just ask.


Level 6

Not sure what gets you points, besides blog posts & comments. I am not aware of a listing of how you get points. Anyhow, I do this for fun and the information; the points are incidental.

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

this website is not supposed to be for the points it is just a side thing but you may have put some setting on the blog that prevented you or the person that is commenting from acquiring points. i have seen that on one of Mikes posts you should ask him

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