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04 Jun 2017

Finland 1979, 10 Markkaa

Coins-World | TimB

I really like the designs of these large, crown-sized silver coins from Finland in the 1970s.



Level 2

Both sides were engraved by Antti Neuvonen. I couldn't readily find information about him. I did learn that Antti is generally a masculine name in Finland.


Level 6

Cool coin! I Like the fish design. Thanks for sharing it!


Level 6

Love that coin. Tell me more. Who made it and why. I'm going fishing now... Wait. I live in the Mojave Desert.

Pliny The Elder

Level 5

LOVE IT! Love fish, too. 25 fish must be significant as to the denomination, too. I'll bet they are sardines!


Level 5

Very nice. I haven't done much with Finland coins. I might have to start looking at them.


Level 5

24 fish!! What a catch!!


Level 7

I think it's a beautiful coin. Can you tell us anything about it? T he history of a coin will help tell us the history of where it came from and why it was minted. You can learn more about history from coins than history books. Mike


Level 6

That is a nice looking coin, simple design and a detailed design on the same coin.


Level 4

Oooh, I just love those designs! How unusual and eye-catching! Thanks for showing this unique coin to us!


Level 6

That is one of the most unusual designs I've seen on any coin. Who was the designer/sculptor?

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

very beautiful coin

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