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02 Mar 2019

Large World Coins

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This is a one Peso piece from Cuba; it was made by the US mint in Philadelphia. It is called the "ABC Peso", based on a political organization called the "ABC." The group formed hierarchical secretive cells with levels A, B, and C. The secretary of the treasury at the time recommended the name for the silver coin.



Level 4

nice coin. looks like its bigger than even a silver eagle.


Level 6

Nice coin! Thanks for your blog!


Level 5

Cuba has some great coins including this one.


Level 6

I'm looking forward to viewing some nice old silver Cuban coins now. Thanks


Level 6

Nice coin. I'd like to learn more abt the coinage of Cuba.


Level 7

Great coin never saw one . The next one if you could get or find so more history . Thanks


Level 4

Nice story. Thank you!

I think this is a lovely coin, and It has great color. I am sure to look into this in more depth! Thanks


Level 6

Interesting story. thanks for sharing.

It's Mokie

Level 6

That is a very attractive coin and fascinating associated history. Thank You for sharing this.

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