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19 Sep 2014

My start in Coin Collecting

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I started collecting coins in Middle School. I started collecting Indian Head cents and Wheat back cents, from there it was an easy move into Civil War Tokens and then the complete move into Exonumia. Collecting Tokens and Medals offered me so many possibilities about the collection I wanted to start. I started with Worlds Fairs and Expositions and over the years my collection has expanded to Encased coins, So Called Dollars and Good Luck Coins. The mystery of Exonumia is that you have no idea how many pieces are out there that will fit into your collection. This is where the excitement of collecting Exonumia comes into play, the thrill of the hunt, to find that one unique piece and you even get to learn a little history along the way.



Level 6

Good blog! Some pictures would be great!


Level 7

I see we collect some of the same coins. Just wrote a blog on civil war tokens. I hope your still active take a look. Mike


Level 5

Good story.


Level 5

Thanks for sharing!


Level 4

Nice can't wait to see them!



Level 5

Wow! Nice story!


Level 4

thats great!


Level 5

I would like a little education on what a SO CALL ED DOLLAR is. This is new to men's ice I joined ANA.


Level 4

A "So Called Dollar "refers to medals that are about the same size of silver dollar and were struck to commemorate an historical event. If you are still curious about them, an invaluable source of information is a book called "So Called Dollars" by Harold E. Hibler and Charles V. Kappen. Fair warning once you read it you may be hooked. Enjoy!


Level 4

I was at the World's Fair as a boy, and remember not being able to afford the commemoratives at the time. You should post some pictures of your collection!!!


Level 5


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