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18 Jun 2015

Opinions about new faces on US coins

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All the recent talk about putting a woman on the $10 bill, I started thinking about changing some of the faces on US coins. I have to say I would love to see Standing Lady Liberty on the Quarter again. I would really like to see a new design for the Roosevelt dime and the Lincoln cent. Both have been around a while now. I think it would add some excitment for collectors.

What coins would you like to see new designs on? and what kind of designs?



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Well all the comments have there ideas. He's mine. I learned as a kid if it's not broke don't fix it. I have nothing to change. Why because who would you replace all our coinage with. Engineers. Congress men. Lady Liberty stands for this country. Lincoln and Washinghton two of the greatest presidents . I can see changing a bill. But if you try and change Kennedy. The family will stop that. You know I don't get tired of looking at the presidents because I don't look at them every day. Unless you can come up with replacements that everyone will agree on I can't help. Good blog good responses. It's an argument that will go on for years. Thanks


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its actually the $20 bill and i think that its a great idea

Kid Morgans

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Great blog! I completely agree and I think more REAL women should be represented on coins. NOT lady liberty!


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How about a new 20 cent piece? Who says that we have to keep the current denominations only! One year issue of each states animal, flower, etc symbols?


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the presidents' faces are getting really boring


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I agree. I would like to see some new designs for our coinage.

me too.


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I think all of our circulating coins need to be redesigned.


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The Jefferson nickel as been in circulation longer than the Roosevelt dime. I think any new designs for circulating coins should be "new" designs and not re-issue of old ones.

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