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19 Feb 2015

Why collect Exonumia?

Exonumia | user_1037

Exonumia is a term that started being used in the early 1960's to describe the field of collecting Tokens and Medals. Exonumia offers collectors an endless array of possibilities for a starting a collection.

Here is a short list of some examples:
Hard Time Tokens
Civil War Tokens
Transportation Tokens
Merchant Tokens
Municipal Trade Tokens
State Fair, World Fair and Exposition Tokens
Historical Figures
Love Tokens
Advertising Tokens
Good Luck Tokens
Encased Coins

That is just a short list of types of collections an individual could start and specialize in. Whatever topic you choose to start collecting, you will enter a new world and along the way even gain some knowledge. The exciting part of when you start your hunt for Tokens or Medals to fit your collection nobody can give you a definite answer to what kind of pieces or how many are out there. Imagine the thrill when you find that one unique piece that will fit in your collection. Before you start your adventure in collecting Exonumia please spend time and do some research about Tokens and Medals, read articles online or talk to dealers or other collectors.Learn the common terms used in collecting Exonumia, this will help you from making costly mistakes in the beginning. Exonumia gives collectors of any budget the chance to start a collection.So please enter the world of collecting Tokens and Medals and feel the thrill. Happy hunting!



Level 7

You can collect anything you like it's what makes this hobby great. I do . I collect just about everything..


Level 5

Thanks for the information!


Level 3

Exonumia might have originally been limited to tokens and medals, but it also includes a wide variety of other collecting interests. I am particularly fascinated with wooden money, as it is/was often issued by states, counties and counties for their centennials, festivals and fairs. It is particularly interesting to learn the history of thousands of these government entities that have issued them. Collecting wooden money is a fairly cheap hobby, as over 6,000,000 are printed every year. That makes the supply almost limitless at 5-10 cents each.


Level 4

One of the reasons I enjoy Exonumia is because it is one of the few remaining areas of numismatics that third party grading hasn't completely overtaken.


Level 4

I've heard of these and seen pictures of them, but don't have any in my collection at the moment, but would love to have some one day

Dollar Guy

Level 5

Does anyone collect the military tokens that were issued by the NCO, Em and O clubs overseas. In Ankara Turkey there were not very many coins available so the clubs in the cluster of clubs that provided places for soldiers to socialize. I have a few in my misc. area of my collection.

Juno Moneta

Level 4

I've seen a lot of these on eBay over the years. Depending on type/location they can be very affordable. I have a few, mostly related to Ft. Huachuca, AZ and Border Wars of 1916, etc. I'm not really an active collector but you can see most of what I have on my on-line coin museum at www.Moneta-Coins.com (no commercial sales or ads), and you're welcome to post photos of yours. Check North America > USA > Tokens.


Level 6

That's cool! Thanks for all the info!


Level 4

That's I will be sure to look out for those and start my own.


Level 5

Thanks for the info, I thought is was another word for etc! I have a few tokens in my collection, but I am not after Exonumia.


Level 4

Thank you for info!

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