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01 Feb 2015

Two U.S. Silver Coin Calculators

Coins-United States | silverguy

Here are links to two US Silver coin calculators so you can determine the melt value of your silver coins.





Level 4

Thank you for the links.

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

thanks but i like the coins the way they are but i see your reason


Level 5

Thanks for sharing the links!


Level 5

Or, do it yourself, multiply current spot value (Say, 17.24) by the amount of silver in the coin (for a Silver Dollar, 0.7735). In this example, it would be $17.24 x 0.7735 = $13.34


Level 6

Thanks for the info!


Level 6

Thanks. But MELT my coins. AHHHH!--I hope it never comes to that!!! Never know.


Level 5

Just to know melt value.


Level 4

Thank you. All ready have it.

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