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26 Aug 2019

LWH 2019 US Circulating Coin Rankings

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In third place, the dollar-coin!

The dollar has definitely, unlike most of America's coins, seen change in the past thirty years, plenty of it. In 1999, the highly unpopular "Susan B. Anthony" dollar had it's last mintage. The following year, the "Sacagawea" dollar, with an eagle reverse, series started. 2007 was the first year of the "Presidential" series, followed the next year by the replacement of the eagle on "Sacagawea" dollars with various designs memorialising Native American contributions, along with slight obverse design modifications. Granted, those changes were then, not today, in 2019. But, recent changes means the dollar-coin design is more fresh, new. Though not used in circulation often, if ever, the dollar-coin design is pleasing, currently the aforementioned "Native American" series, as the "Presidential series is already concluded. With a fresh, pleasing design, the dollar-coin takes third.

In second place, the one-cent!

The classic coin. The "Wheatie". The "Lincoln". The "Shield". One of the truly iconic coins of numismatics, particularly the "Lincoln" cent, the penny forced a hard choice for first. The recent "Shield" cent, an improvement on the memorial, still has about it the fresh factor. The controversial "W" cent, for better or worse, still is a step towards change. However, the obverse has not seen any design change or modification since it's introduction to circulation in 1909. Even a slight modification would be acceptable. An impressive and popular coin, the one-cent lands second-place.

In first place, the half-dollar!

The "Kennedy" half-dollar is guilty of lack of change or modification. However, it's stint of staying the same is not quite as long as the others. Regardless, the "Kennedy" half-dollar wins it all for several reasons. It is still a large, bulky coin, unlike the dollar-coin, which has shrunk though still failed to please the non-collector. It still has an eagle on the reverse. Take a peek at the American coins of 2019. Only the "Kennedy" half still has an eagle. Over the years, like "Liberty", the eagle has faded away from regular circulating coins. All except the "Kennedy". For how long the eagle will last (or how long until it comes completely back, if the mint decides to go off what I think our coins should be like, or if the mint at least has a change of heart, or something like that) time will only tell. By bulk and an eagle, the half-dollar wins first-place, and reigns champion of the 2019 American regular circulating coins!

This concludes the review and ranking of the coins we have in our 2019 pocket-change. While still hoping the mint takes either a common numismatic suggestion for change, or one of my radical ideas, at the moment, of our regular circulating coins, the "Kennedy" half-dollar is the champion of the "LWH US Circulating Coin Rankings."



Level 4

great blog, thanks!


Level 6

Great blog! Really enjoyed your series of these. I would have to rate the Cent first, then the Kennedy and last the Dollar.


Level 5

This is an interesting blog. Never thought of ranking current circulating coins.


Level 6

Great blog but I , personally have a different order. I go with the cent as number one. This will shock people but I don't care for the shield reverse. I like the Native American dollars but it doesn't really circulate, same with the Kennedy. I do like your eagle argument. I would like to see the Franklin come back but I think the half dollar is gone from circulation as well as the dollar. Pat is right. I would go with the quarter as #2 and the nickel #3. That doesn't mean I would like to see some freshening up of them.. Thanks.


Level 6

Nice blog. I think it would be tough to rank the coins. All coins have been minted many years. The dime is the only one without a design at one time or another.


Level 5

Well thought out blog. I wouldn't rate the Kennedy Half #1 but you make an excellent point about the eagle. In the past an eagle was a staple on our circulating silver coins. Even the Franklin half has the mini eagle. For me that point in and of itself does not move it up in importance. I loved the four Lincoln Cent reverses of Abe in 2009 and I like the current shield. I especially like the different Native American reverses of the Sacagawea dollar so I would rate that #1, the Lincoln Cent #2, and the Kennedy Half lower than #3. I think I'll rank ATB quarters at #3. On the dollars the jury is out for me on the innovation dollars and the prezzie dollars didn't do much for me although I liked the accompanying first spouses medals.


Level 4

I would also say cents are first, as I am a cent collector and favor the shield design almost as much as the wheat reverse. I would also put the Kennedy dollar as 3rd, simply because it is getting old, great point on the eagle on the back, but come on. It has been about 50 years since it has been altered, (besides the Bicentennial.) Man I would love to see a modern coin with designs such as those on the SL quarters or the LWH's.

It's Mokie

Level 6

LWH, Love your well thought out appraisal but I have to disagree with the order. IMHO, the Lincoln Cent is the greatest American Coin and the transition from that horrid Memorial reverse to the Union Shield makes it almost as great as the original wheaties. So that is my Number 1, the Sacagawea Dollar is both well designed and has interesting themes, that is my number 2, the Kennedy Half is staid and needs a refresh, I vote for a dynamic eagle on the reverse, one that harkens back to the Great Eagles in our history like the Flying Eagle (cent) Eagle and the Liberty Seated Eagle. Not the same eagles, just something as detailed as and dynamic. I have had enough of boring and staid coins like the Kennedy Half. Let's Do This!!!!


Level 7

First good bog. Second thanks for calling them cents. Not pennys.. Me I'm half dollar nut. The dollar coin should be for collecting only won't get into it. If you own a business you would know why.. Thanks for the information. I just hope the right people read it. This is a process of learning. For instance how many collectors don't know The Kennedy has a silver half every year. Most of the special coins Kennedys. But when you have the set and all that luster the size it's just right. I also think the eagle is dynamic like the silver eagle. And as I said the dollar is not ready for xirculation. Own a store cash out out for the day you will need a hand truck.. Will always love the cent. So I go half, cent ,dollar. Thanks.

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