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11 Jul 2019

LWH "Insider" Tips; YN Edition

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It is time again for another, "LWH 'Insider' Tips". Hopefully, that sentence was not followed by a groan for numerous people. Regardless, back on topic, today's 'tips' will be on what I have dubbed, "The YN Edition". The ANA runs a very in depth, extensive, and overall fantastic YN(young numismatist) program. It takes numerous people performing their jobs, and performing them well. In the case that you are a YN member(ANA member aged 17 or younger), you should certainly take part in the ANA's yn program. Before moving on to the tips section, please note that in this particular 'tip' blog, the tips may include or be explanations of various activities. They are included as seen fit(by me). Also please note, these tips will be mainly concerning the YN activities involving YN dollars and YN auctions, but these are not the only YN activities the ANA has, for instance, "coins for A's" is another activity for YN's. Having settled that, time for the 'tips'!


1). YN dollars; get 'em

A large part of the YN program relates to use of YN dollars. Available are several ways to earn YN dollars, such as writing blogs and book reviews on the ANA member blog. Visiting numismatic locations, such as a mint or the ANA money museum also can earn YN dollars. Another way is by attending various numismatic events, such as the ANA summer seminar, or a local coin club(ANA member club) or coin show. The amount of YN dollars earned varies based on the activity. There are many more ways to earn YN dollars, so, not to sound redundant in word choice, but, check out, on the ANA website, "Ways to earn YN dollars". After completing an activity, simply fill out the application, and the YN dollars should arrive in the mail. Having YN dollars is important to several activities in the YN program, so find what way(s) work for you, and go earn some!


2). The YN monthly auction; how to, and why to

One of the two ways to spend the YN dollars you earn is at the monthly YN auctions. These auctions are online ones, accessible via the link provided in the YN newsletter, or directly through the website itself under "YN Auction". Starting on the first day of the month, and running through the 15th, the auction lots are bidded upon by filling out a form available on the same page as the auction. In the monthly auction, there are two lots, generally, one is a world coin, the other a U. S. coin, however, this is not an official standard. When bidding, it is advised that you bid as much as you are willing to pay for the lot, as there is no way of telling what the highest bid happens to be. I advise that you only bid on a lot(s) that you know you want; otherwise, save your YN dollars for another month or the annual, live YN auction. The general, "Why too", for all auctions is, it's fake money, so why not get some coins you like at no cost other than the effort at completing activities for the YN dollars?


3). The YN annual, live auction; how to, and why to

Before I begin with this tip, I would like to note; I plan to do a more extensive, in depth blog with suggested strategies and advice for the live YN auction, but we shall see how things play out. Anyhow, back to the tip. The other way you can spend your YN dollars is at the practically indisputably largest part of the YN program; the live YN auction. A once-a-year event held in September, this is a big deal, requiring the efforts of many devoted people from the ANA staff to put it all together, along with the donations made by supporting numismatists(if you fit either of the previous two categories, thanks for all you do!). There are over a hundred lots! As the name suggests, this is a live event, with an auctioneer on live video. Bidding is done in the chat box, by typing in your bid with numerical digits. When the message is sent by the ANA staff that a lot is closed, then no more bidding on that lot(the auctioneer initially officiates it with a gavel). However, before arriving at the live bidding(and chatting with other YN's), you need to register for the auction. Check out summer YN newsletters; the most recent will have instructions for registration for the upcoming YN live auction. When the day comes, go to the ANA website, and click on the link to the auction. Again, the general rule aforementioned in previous tip applies for making purchases, along with another version for during the auction; only bid on lots you are interested in/want, otherwise, wait for those you do. (In the case I do write it) Check out the hopefully soon to come blog devoted to advice and strategies for the live YN auction.


4). Got questions? Ask them

The ANA website community is full of people who are willing to help you out with numismatics. If you ever have a question, just ask. This goes for everyone, as a wise user, among others, says, no one knows everything, those who think they do will know very little.


5). Don't abuse blog-writing to earn YN dollars

Ensure you ever abuse the activity of earning YN dollars by writing blogs. No, I don't mean write less, just only write things worth writing. In other words(pun not intended), don't write random nonsense you don't care about, and are only writing just for YN dollars. Write what you want to write, and only however much that is, and you will be fine.


This concludes today's 'tips'. As I mentioned before, look for my-possibly-to come blog solely devoted to the YN live auction(but ignore that I ever said it might come if it doesn't). Remember fellow YN's; the ANA has a great program for us, so let's enjoy it. 'Tips' out(was that cool, or cliche? Meh, I'll go with it).

(from "Your Newsletter")

The ANA's fifth annual live Young Numismatist Auction will take place on Saturday, Sept. 14, at 10 a.m. (MST).

To ensure that auction dollars are received prior to the event, YNs are encouraged to submit all YN Dollar requests no later than Tuesday, Sept. 3. YN Dollars are the only form of payment accepted for auction items.

To register for the auction, participants must email sgelberd@money.org their name, address, phone number and screen name from their Gmail account; those registering will receive a confirmation email.

YN's must have a Google account to participate in the auction. To create a Google account, visit: https://accounts.google.com/sigNup.

Visit www.money.org on Sept. 14 to be directed to the auction.


Prodigy Coins

Level 4

Great advice. Keep in mind, the ANA will not send YN dollars for a nonsense blog.

Yes, the ANA start involved in this area does review blogs, however, it doesn't mean we shouldn't try to make it easier for everyone. Glad you found it to be good advice. Thanks.


Level 4

Thank you so much for this information.

Glad you enjoyed it

It's Mokie

Level 6

Great Advice LWH, I am sure your fellow YNs will really appreciate the time you put into compiling it. I know some of the younger YNs may have simpler blogs but as long as there heart is in it, and they are not just fluffing for points, I am highly supportive of their efforts.

As long as they are blogging for good reason, that's what is important


Level 6

Great tips. My wife and I always donate to the YN auctions. Thanks..

Thank you


Level 6

All great advise. Hope the YN's learn from it and have fun this year!

That is the goal, but we shall see....


Level 7

All good advice. It will bring us all together. I hope the best for the yn's and always have. Enjoy the auction I hope everyone does well. The ANA works very hard on this every year. Thanks for the blog and the time. This is sharing . Enjoy Pat.

Thank you

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