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15 Jul 2019

LWH American Coin of the Decade Series, Part Eleven

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This is the final blog in an eleven part series

2000-2010 runner-up is: The 2004/2005 Jefferson Five-Cent "Westward Journey" Reverses!

Commemorating the bicentennial of the journey of Meriwether Lewis and William Clark’s exploration of the Louisiana territory, two special reverse designs were done each year, in both 2004 and 2005. In 2004, the regular obverse was employed, with the "Peace medal" and "Keel boat" designs being used for the reverse. However, in 2005 the obverse was modified in a rather modern way, depicting a close-up of Jefferson facing right, "Liberty" in cursive, and other more slight modifications. The reverses for 2005 were "American bison" and "Ocean in view". Interesting and well-done designs, the 2004/2005 Jefferson nickel wins this award.

2000-2010 champion is: The Sacagawea Dollar!

Running from 2000 to 2008, though the obverse was re-used for the "Native American" series, the Sacagawea did not have a long run, especially compared to other modern day coins. The obverse depicts Lewis and Clark’s Native American guide, Sacagawea, looking over her shoulder while carrying her baby son, Jean Baptiste. On the reverse an eagle in flight is featured, partially surrounded by thirteen stars. The reverse has several varieties for 2000-P which reach high prices, but otherwise Sacagawea dollars are very affordable. A pleasing design honoring an important time, the Sacagawea dollar wins champion.

2010-2019 runner-up is: The "Presidential" Dollar

Starting with George Washington, and finishing with Ronald Reagan, the "Presidential" series was in the least a very interesting series. Minting four different presidents a year, the obverse depicted the president, while the unchanging reverse featured the Statue of Liberty. Interestingly, the date, motifs, and mintmarks were positioned on the "third" side of the coin, the rim. That certainly made things rather tricky to read! A fairly well-designed coin, and definitely an interesting one, the "Presidential" dollar wins this award.

2010-2019 champion is: The 2019-W One-Cent!

Yes, it is really just a marketing gimmick by the mint. But, while that may be so, it certainly has created a very interesting topic. What is the mint trying to do? What is up with the "W" penny’s poor packaging? Why is Westpoint starting to do regular coins, and will it continue to do so? Sure, it probably is just the mint finding new ways to generate money, but, it has created a plethora of interesting and intriguing topics, so the champion of this decade is the 2019-W penny.

It has taken a while. The fact that this is an ELEVEN part bog reveals so. But, we have to remember that each decade that the US minted regular circulating coins was reviewed. Finally, we have finished. This was the LWH American-Coin-of-the-Decade Awards.

This concludes the finale.



Level 6

You're entire series has been wonderful! Really clever! Thanks for all your work on them!


Level 6

I agree with the Sacajawea Dollar coin. I like all three sides of this coin. I still don't think America will, in my lifetime, use in circulation a dollar coin. I believe that was the original idea the mint had, it's still a nice coin. I thought we were going to disagree with the W cent but I totally agree with your reasoning. A good example for us to read all the blog. Thanks for this mammoth task.

Yeah, dollar coins probably aren't going to work anytime soon, especially with credit cards, and things like PayPal.

Prodigy Coins

Level 4

Amazing series! I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it,

Glad you enjoyed it

It's Mokie

Level 6

Well my predictions for this final addition of your series did not pan out but I am in full support of your choices. Thank You for an excellent series that kept me wanting more and hoping you can do another series sometime in the near future. Bravo Zulu LWH!!!

Probably nothing this long for a bit, but I do have other blogs scheduled. Thanks...


Level 7

First let me say thank you for your hard work. I know what it's like to do a series. It's not easy. I have to go with the Jefferson Westward Journey. I enjoy those coins very much and they have so much history it's unbelievable. Look up every coin and read the history it's great. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge . I enjoyed it all very much.!!

glad you enjoyed the series

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