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26 Jun 2022

Photogenic Miss. Liberty

Coins | C.D. Harrell

In today’s world, an image of a coin is nothing but a click away. Auction sites and many other platforms have technology that allows you to magnify the smallest of details by the touch of a finger. Often these photos are of the coin only, which itself is a beautiful work of art, culture, and history. With that said, on the occasion I find myself wanting more imagery context with the coin. Questions I ask are, what tools did this numismatist use to view, magnify, study, catalog and identify the specimen being photographed. I understand none of this is necessary for the research or purchase of a coin, but it is a small piece of provenance that can be tacked onto the life history of such a coin. Think about it this way, choose the favorite coin of your collection, wouldn’t you like to have a photo of that exact coin from 100 years ago? Me too.

08 Apr 2021

The Story of 1883

Coins-United States | C.D. Harrell

I once watched an interview featuring the renowned Numismatist Q. David Bowers. A reporter asked Mr. Bowers what coins he enjoyed speaking about most. He simply replied, "story coins." He then went on to bring up an example of the 1883 liberty head nickel, featuring the no cents reverse. While not a particularly rare coin, it certainly is a good story coin.

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