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19 Jan 2021

1909 VDB penny... I know it looks really bad, but...

| Grogu

As you all know the 1909 VDB is always being looked for. I found my first one. I know it looks beat up, But I am happy to find one. I need the S mint one. I am amazed at how much this penny has been thru, the coin actually looks like the date is 190..lol. I love this coin.


AC coin$

Level 6

Great find.

walking liberty

Level 4

holy moly that is one beat up coin. I personally do not have one yet


Level 3

I'd certainly call that worn! That coin looks like it's been through a trash compactor, but hey you do what you do and get what you get for some of those higher end of the spectrum coins. Good job on getting the VDB! Sincerely, CoinsInHK

It's Mokie

Level 6

Well used in its intended purpose, Very Nice and Very Cool for you to share with us.


Level 6

Pretty cool! I like that gnarly look ; )


Level 6

Looks like a struck through error to me. At least. Nice find.


Level 5

Really nice find for roll searching. Even if the condition is rough. Sometimes a worn coin is more special just because of where it came from.

They are nice coins, quite a lot of them that look like this, unfortunately.


Level 5

Wow that is amazing! You found two other 1909 pennies? Wow! I have only found one, but I have found four Indian Head pennies in one box of pennies.


Level 7

See what happens to coins left in the environment. Everything happens to them. This one took a beating. I have a 1940 were the 0 is gone. They snap of I thought I had something. It turns out it was damaged like the rest of my coin. But you have a V.D.B. In any shape it's nice to own.!!


Level 5

Nice find! I found an 09' vdb one in a penny roll. Not the S ofc. Cya round!

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Hmmm, can that all be environmental damage? I would show it to a coin dealer? The 9 makes me wonder about a struck through error


Level 3

I will, I noticed other cracks that look different. Thanks for the advice


Level 5

Wow, you found it CRH? Nice work!


Level 3

I got it while roll searching. I bought like 8 rolls. I got another two 1909 pennies, but they are not DVB.


Level 5

Congratulations, it took me 40 years to finally break down and buy a 1909 VDB. Cool coin, beat up or not!

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