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29 Dec 2020

This has been bugging me for a while

| Grogu

I bought one of those grab bags from eBay, and I got 5 of this International Numismatic Bureau, the cases are flimsy and the description iiiiisss not what I call accurate. I tried looking into the Bureau, but all I found was .... welllllll not very good info.
Any of you know if this is a legit company?


AC Coin$🌎

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INB slabbed coins: cannot found any info about. I was about to buy some grab bags but... it is not reliable nor accurate. In my opinion it is better to stay away...


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Sounds shady to me... Too bad because grab bags should always be fun!


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You all confirmed the info I found. I got them as part of a bigger sale. It was a while ago. I only buy if I see them as PCSG or NGC. I just bought 3 morgan Dollars from a pawn shop by my house. I was nervous but I researched it enough to kill a horse. I am sending them to NGC to be certified. I will keep you all posted on that one. I paid $38 per coin.

It's Mokie

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I would never trust a slab that is not labeled NGC, PCGS, ANACS, or ICG. The rest are all just fly by night operations that produce inaccurately graded junk.


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One word: fake. Those slabs aren't for professionally graded coins, but are rather just holders for the buyer to make his own personal opinion on the coin


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JUNK! Sorry. https://coinauctionshelp.com/INB_TPGS.html#.X-yimdjYqM8

The coin says it all. That Jefferson is not what I'd call gem.

I. R. Bama

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I've never heard of them, they sound evil!


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Not legit. I was looking for ancient Greek coins and Canadian coins, and they were selling terrible condition peace dollars graded MS-70


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I bought some slabbed coins like this off ebay years ago. Most say MS70. A lot of dollar coins,cents. A few wheat cents and a couple silver. I bought them for fun, since they didnt cost but a dollar or two each. Will probably give them away or sell them at a yard sale for a dollar each? You see those bulk sales on ebay. 100 slabbed coins for like 200 dollars. At least they are cheap enough. But more a novelty item, then a collectible in my opinion.


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Definitely not a legit grading company. As said earlier, Dasement slabber.


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I have never heard of them. And I wouldn't trust them at all. I tried I couldn't find them. I would crack them out and send it to a real grading company. If it's worth it. Otherwise spend it Thanks for the warning!!


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There is a web site I know of where they have, lets say coins that have been associated with Official law enforcement activity. They have hundreds of slabbed coins on this site from supposedly all over the country and amazingly every single one of them is this IMB company. Odd they never, ever come across any other third parties slabbed coins, it appears to be a dumping point for this IMB. I personally would burn my money before purchasing one of these type slabs, at least I would know what I had gotten from the burning. Just my opinion. They never come out and say it, but the site hints at coins seized by police, not as counterfeit, as property taken. As always, buyer beware, sorry you had to deal with this, at least it was a grab bag.

Yep! SIlver Half dollar is right. These are just raw coins for intents-and-purposes. I've heard quite a lot of bad things form eBay grab bags.

INB is a basement slabber, and I would not really trust their grades at all. I am pretty sure that I have read that they routinely over grade coins, so I would treat the coins as if they were raw, and ignore the grade they give them.

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