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15 Dec 2020

Why are so many pennies damaged?

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I have been finding some pennies that look like they just had a material breakdown, Just pieces missing from the coin. has anyone ever looked into this issue?I found one that is missing almost half a penny. I will load the picture once i get a chance


AC Coin$🌎

Level 6

Nice coins....


Level 5

I love finding pennies in the parking lots and checking them. Who does not like a good coin hunt?


Level 4

It's just the way the environment reacts with the metals and properties of the coin. Many coins like this I have either found in a parking lot, or metal detecting. But at least they still have face value.


Level 3

I am now keeping some, specially the ones that look like they just crumbled and you can see the middle, it makes you wonder.... what happened that made me materials fail that bad?


Level 6

I think mostly pennies are just used and abused... ; ) Great blog!


Level 3

Zinc cents are also garbage when it comes to withstanding the elements. Zinc does really bad and corrodes very easily. Add that to everybody who doesn't care about cents and you get a disaster!

It's Mokie

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Cents are so low valued that if they drop to the pavement, no one bothers to retrieve them. Then they get stepped on, rained on, driven over, and eventually turn into the butt ugly specimens you've highlighted. My thought, is it worth a slipped disk to pick up a cent? It might be for a quarter but definitely not for a cent. (:


Level 5

I find that people drop cents like flies to the ground. They don't think a penny is worth much. Also consider the zinc. Has it been exposed to a vinegary acid. Cheers, Fodder


Level 5

I find cents in parking lots that didn't hold up to well. Amazing how much change you can find in parking lots and car washes. Anything eorn like yours has been rolling around a street for a while. Would make a great collection area. Damaged coins !

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Post mint damage; There is nothing wrong with the minting quality. New cents are electroplated with copper. It's only 20 microns thick. To wrap your mind around how small that is, everybody's favorite virus Covid 19 is 0.1 microns in size


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Agreed. I ditto Bama. They are just beat to crap. Cheers, NM


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There are a lot of explanations, but whenever I find one like that I say it went down the garbage disposal.


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Ever heard of metal detecting? A lot of coins are found that way and spent.


Level 7

They look like cents that have been destroyed in the envirment. Nothing like that would come from the mint. Keep looking . The fun is in the hunt!


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Cents are of little use to so many, and one of the side effects of that is that people drop em and don't pick them up, I've seen people drop them in parking lots because they "aren't worth anything". That type of behavior and others results in the damage to so many coins. Imagine someone like me, I pick up every coin I find, cent, nickel, etc. I have experienced many people saying to me "don't pick that penny up, its on tails", I always pick them up and say "How can finding money be bad luck". I've seen people use cents like spacers in a work shop, lot of damage can be done in that environment. There are many other reasons and I'm sure many will be listed here by many of our other members. I just mentioned a couple of things that immediately came to mind. Good Questions though, speaks well of you, most either don't care enough to ask or are not on the ball enough to ask. Keep up the good work, and always ask questions. Great Blog! Later.

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