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24 Apr 2017

ICG and anacs

| Joe Izzo

is there anyway of finding out if coin graded by either compnay is cleaned and that it is of grade by looking at pictures.  Stupid question but is there some sort of list of on par graded coind by these two companies?



Level 5

Only true answer is what you think. That is what matters.


Level 6

In real life you're on your own. It should say on the slab label if they see it. BUT at Summer seminar I learned about "coin Doctors'" that make a living "doctoring" coins. Usually toning. Good luck!


Level 5

I was with a friend at an ANA show who showed a coin to 5 grading services. 4 said it was cleaned and would not grade it. 1 said it was ok and would grade it. So there is not one always true answer. Also check the wording of the grading companies online. Some make a distinction between "properly" cleaned and "improperly" cleaned. So when you ask, "Has this slabbed coin been cleaned?' The answer may be "yes" meaning in the opinion of the third party grader that it was "properly" cleaned.


Level 7

It's on the slab. It will say improperly cleaned. There will be no number grade. NGC has a purple label. And it affects the price of the coin. If you use anything on the coin it will say tooled and if it's a buffalo nickel and you us date restorer it will say altered coin. I think that's about it. Mike. Lots of luck with your class.


Level 6

If a coin is cleaned, or whizzed, or altered in some way, it should be on the slab.

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

what The Coin Student said

Both companies should say on the slab if coins are cleaned. When it comes to grading, even the same company can give the same coins different grades on different days. Someone read an article at our coin club meeting this month about a group of coins being regraded by different companies and the grades being different by as much as 8 grading points! ANACS has a "population report" list, but ICG doesn't have a list.

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