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01 Jul 2022

Albums and New Once Again to Collecting

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I am re-entering numismatics after an absence of several decades. I am trying to get my 12-year-old grandson interested. I figured a way to do that was to start collections together. I have a couple questions:
A: Any tips or suggestions regarding this and affiliated topics would be greatly appreciated. Not even sure where or how to start. Maybe getting a bag of Wheaties and a couple Lincoln Cent press-in albums for each of us then going through them together. Other than that….?
2: Speaking of albums, when I was collecting the choices were pretty limited to the Whitman albums. I used mostly the two-side pages with the acetate slide cover to show both obverse and reverse. Just a quick browse has demonstrated that available album styles and quality has grown exponentially. Any recommendations regardalbums that won’t break the bank?



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Dansco all the way - just be sure to air them out first.

AC coin$

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Welcome back to the ANA World, it is good to know you arevava seasoned collector. And, it is admirable that you are guiding your grandson into this realm. Passion and dedicación will take your intructions for your grandson. Your skills are well oriented. I would suggest topics such as: "US" Colonial Currency Commemorative coinage Eisenhowers ...and many other subjects. You made me recall my Mother who made me become a collector. Your actions towards your grandson will pay off, our arms are open too to assist him in his path. Many blessings, good luck.


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I like the Dansco albums for collecting. Just enjoy yourselves and have fun! Roll searching is a great idea! ; )


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I’m a Whitman folder user currently. Easy to use, and great for tracking collections. Especially, if you are looking to work with your grandson on a particular type of coin. That being said, welcome back to the hobby. Cents are an easy introduction for your grandson. Inexpensive, readily available, and plenty of various dates/mints out there. I would save the more expensive albums for complete collections you want to store and share.


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Jefferson Nickels is definitely my number one suggestion for beginning collectors because this is the series that can be completed entirely from circulation.

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Coin albums are always a great starter idea. Still have my first from the mid-seventies and looking at them occasionally encourages me to continue on the path I chose so many years before. As for albums, there are two basic types. Book type, such as Whitman or Dansco and ring binder Littleton. I use them all, but for the cost the green Littleton's are tough to beat. A touch thicker overall than say a Whitman, the material quality, fit and appearance match the others. To give some advice as requested, coin show. I would think there is one or more close enough to attend with them.


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I have used both Whitman and Dansco albums and I think both are quite good, especially compared to some of the older boards I see many used in the past. As a recommendation on obtaining them, you may want to see if a local coin deal has them in stock. Sometimes these dealers obtain used ones and can sell them for a discount. I bought two used albums today that are in good shape for $15. Hopefully your grandson will have his interest piqued by connecting the coins he collects with the history of the times those coins were made.


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I like to establish separate collections that you help each other with rather than collecting together. For example, the youth collects Lincoln Memorial cents and you collect Jefferson nickels. If you find a cent the youth needs you give it to him. If he finds a nickel you need he gives it to you. But in doing this you establish boundaries to be respected. "My collection is mine and you don't mess with it." Your collection is yours and I don't mess with it. That way you establish mutual respect.


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Great suggestion. I’m definitely going to do this


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I use Dansco albums but they are getting hard to get and pricey. I would try roll hunting with him. Good luck. I have struck out trying to get anyone in the family involved. I hope you have better luck.


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Welcome to the ANA. You will receive some suggestions. I am here to tell you xfr is Me Mike. When I became a life member there were gremlins and it created a shadow of my account which you will have access if you follow Mike. Just wanted to clear that little mess up! I also use Dansco albums. They protect front and back.

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