25 Jul 2016

More on new collection

Exonumia | CASINO NUT

This post is on the continuing of my new field of collecting interest of casino memorabilia. I am now up to 48 chips of which I will show a few below along with some other collectables. there are two key cards from the margaritaville hotel and casino, an slot club card from the margaritaville casino. now on to the chips in the pictures, there is a one dollar chip from the margaritaville casino, a five dollar chip from the same casino, a five dollar chip from the paradise island casino in the Bahamas, and lastly my favorite chip in my collection a $ 2.50 chip from the holiday casino cruises in key largo, Florida which I used to play in when I lived In the Florida keys. well until next time good luck and above all have fun in all your collecting pursuits    



Level 5

Cool coins!


Level 6

I didn't know these chips could be so attractive and collectible. As a bird lover, I like the one with the parrot. And "It's 5 o'clock somewhere." Isn't that a Jimmy Buffett song? Very cool collection.


Level 3

I lived in Las Vegas in the late 90's and started collecting Casino tokens/chips --- wonderful pictures.


Level 5

Really nice photos. Great collectibles and wonderful art.


Level 5

that parrot one is really pretty!!


Level 6

Those are really beautiful! Love the artwork and bright fun colors! A margarita doesn't sound half bad either...haha


Level 4

thanks kepi

Pliny The Elder

Level 5

Great blog. And if you've kept a few chips, heck, that means you must be winning too. Congratulations are in order. Love the photos!


Level 7

Hi! Now I can see the real beauty in Casino chips. There like a canvas with a painter's brush. Enjoy them . Mike

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