15 Jul 2016

Still collecting casino chips

Exonumia | CASINO NUT

Well its been a while since my last blog post since then I've been buying more casino chips and just today I received in the mail from mike burns (great guy you all know from the Ana blogs, always has something nice to say) A one dollar gaming token from the mirage casino (thanks again mike).
I have gotten a couple comments about putting some photos of what I collect on my blog post. well I did not have a digital camera but just today I figured out how to upload photos from my cell phone to my pc.(not much of a tech savvy guy) with future post I'll  put photos of my more interesting items from my small (45 chip) but growing collection. well thanks for reading and commenting.  matt



Level 5

Never though about collecting these XD. Nice work!


Level 6

These are wonderful! Thanks for sharing them! I wish the casino's still used them.


Level 4

wow! They're so colorful!


Level 5

Nice collection! So many casinos so little display space :)

Pliny The Elder

Level 5

Very nice collection of chips.


Level 6

Now that's when they were chips. Not like today. Thanks for sharing. Mike is a great guy!


Level 7

Now those are really nice! No wonder you like them. You can tell I haven't seen many of them! Mike


Level 5

Very nice. My wife calls Las Vegas home so these kind of speak to me. She has a few that she picked up years ago. Thanks for sharing.

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