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25 Aug 2017

ANA Cos Seminar and Den Convention

Summer Seminar | user_1448

Enjoyed the Colorado Springs Seminar immensely, took the Level 2 Grading Class and gained knowledge on several issues.  Also attended the Denver ANA Convention, enjoyed the exhibits and rarities in the Museum, visited with acquaintances from past shows and dealers, also found a superb sought after piece.



Level 5

Sounds like you picked up some excellent skills for the rest of your life.

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

that is what coin collecting and this hobby is all about learning what ever you can and using that knowledge for good. i hope you really enjoyed denver and it sure was a superb show


Level 5

Learning and collecting !! A great combinations. You had a great year in a about a month.


Level 7

Sounds like you learned a lot and had a good time. That's what this hobby is about. Enjoy. Mike


Level 6

Sounds like a nice experience.


Level 6

Someday I hope to take a grading class. You had a good time at the show.

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