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16 Nov 2020

Chronicles of a Numismatist: Finding Treasures In Darkness

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Good evening my friends. It has been far too long since I last posted. My apologies. Between this crazy pandemic, my Corporation assigning me a temporary home assignment and just getting back to normal is but a few reasons why I was silent for the time. However, throughout all the darkness I crouched extremely low, lit my lantern and crawled around the numismatic landscape looking for opportunities. And for me, treasures were found. The journey this year has been uplifting when it may not feel as much. One, I hope and pray you made it through safe and sound...both you and your family. Two, it has helped me in my collecting to see "The Bigger Picture". Whether it was life goals, collecting goals, career goals and any other goal which has been started 2020 has been able to show me the art of compartmentalism. Weighing an auction bid, or possible consignment, or coin purchase I am learning to take a step back and compare against any objective/ goal/ idea/ plan I might be building. And I can hear it now, "Dude you should have been already doing that" and to some degree -Yes, but difference I am slowed down now. I am calm. I am not anxious to feel as if I don't pull out my wallet I will miss out. Also, this period of history has helped to fine tune my research and vision. Again, slowing down to take the moments to research/look and study. For me searching for the positive in a negative environment is not easy, however it is healthy and helps to keep pushing through. I have been studying much on the Rev Type B Washington Quarter variety. It is fun to look at countless photos of coin lots to find that one specimen by which qualifies for crossing over or regrade submission. I was helping an acquaintance and his wife review their collection and we must have spent 3 hours. Towards the end she was giving me miscellaneous bags of coins to review. So she hands me this plastic sandwich bag and instantly I see a Morgan and a Peace Dollar. No major date/ mint mark but just felt great to see those after 3 hours. I continue to look at the coins and I see several silver quarters and low and behold I see a circulated 1964 Washington Quarter. Quick check reveals no mint mark and I glance upward and there is the wide gap Between E and S of States and I am elated. I then get to spend 15-20 minutes to explain to them what was found, some history about the coin and make a coin flip to house it in. Around an AU50 Grade. Being able to teach them the differences between the regular reverse and type B and show them the differences was so rewarding. So if you haven't had a chance, take a few moments and talk to someone about their hobbies and yours. Maybe you also might want to take a retrospective review of your collection or goals. Maybe just maybe it is taking a moment to find the Thanks and Gratefulness for this historical time period we are in. Not everything is negative. Some times you need to get really low, light your lantern, and just start searching. Treasures will come, give it time.



Level 5

Neat to be able to share your knowledge.


Level 6

Enjoyed reading your blog! Take a step back and regroup. ; )


Level 6

Great advise. My wife and I have slowed way down. Doesn't make my coin dealer too happy. Thanks.


Level 7

They say the fun is in the hunt. Sounds like you really enjoyed it. Thanks for.sharing your expirence. I enjoyed it allot. Never have to apologize we all have other things to do . We and the coins will always be here. Take care be safe and be well.


Level 5

Wisdom and patience are not a widespread condition with our fellow human beings. That said, the conditions you describe are the perfect crucible needed to form these two aspects of behavior. It sounds like you have done well. We would all be well served to take your advice and "Step back, look at the big picture" from time to time. Thanks for reminding me of this important fact. Later!

I think we all used this time to sort through some of the "unfun" parts of numismatics, but I found it to be just as fun as collecting. Patience was a huge key I learned through this as well, well more being picky really. Thank you!


Level 5

As much as I like talking about coins with others, I tend to drag on the conversation to a point that is just too long. But usually the people I talk with respect coin collecting and are interested to hear. Thanks for the blog!


Level 5

Great find after looking through so many coins. The search is always exciting. I found a treasure at a coin show. A coin I really liked and bought another example. Great story.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Sounds like the experience has left you wisend and you have enjoyed yourself as well! Good for you!


Level 5

Im so glad you blogged this! I have had a similar experience this year as well. Glad to have you back! Cheers, NM


Level 6

It is great you were to share your hobby knowledge with others

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