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27 May 2021

The Illustrated Encyclopedia of World Coins Book Review

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The Illustrated Encyclopedia of World Coins by Burton Hobson and Robert Obojski

I checked this book out at the library recently and I was not disappointed! It has coins from every country in alphabetical order and illustrations of each. There is also a description of the history behind each one. There are even sections for counterstamps and hoards. One of my favorite sections in the book is “Odd and Curious Moneys.” This section includes Asian tea bricks, Japanese money trees, bullet money, and strange silver ingots. This is a great resource to use for identifying world coins as well as finding coins you might be interested in purchasing. It also has a pretty nice section on US coins. I learned a lot about specific world coins and the history occurring during that time. I definitely recommend this book to any world coin collector interested in learning more about all the amazing different coins of the world!



Level 5

Sounds interesting. Could you include photos from the book as examples?


Level 6

Thanks for the review! That was funny...You didn't read the whole book... ; ) haha


Level 5

Another book that sounds really interesting. Must be a big book. Might try and find a copy to read. Thanks for the review.


Level 6

I was all prepared to unbelieving that you read this 528 page, 2 1/4 pound book and only wrote a paragraph about it. Seems unreasonable. BUT you surprised me. Pretty good report. You hit all the high points and, most important. what it mean to you. A great reference book and a library book to boot. Thanks! I am impressed.


Level 2

Haha, no I did not read the entire book. I read the parts I’m interested in :)

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